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Clear for take off

I went to the NBI Renewal Center this afternoon to apply for my NBI clearance, and for my sister as well. I won’t be relating what happened to me anymore; just thinking about it wears me down. I would just make this entry as a guide to those who will be lucky enough to go through this wonderful process later on.

Not Only in the Real World

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I play an online game called Ragnarok.

The following is quote from a player whose character has been asassinated. Character asassination is the deletion of characters in exchange for money. It costs about Php 20,000-30,000 per character. It is done because there are tournaments for this game with more money at stake. Specifically, Php 1,000,000. The better your character is, the greater chances of winning. This asassination is usually performed by a GM (Game Master) or someone inside the Level Up Games Inc. as they can access the accounts of their thousands of clients and can basically do anything they’d like.

It is illegal.

Ragnarok is an online world and the Game Masters are the gods.

vee see dee

“Sa bawat piratang CD na binibili mo, pumapatay ka.

So says Bong Revilla. Back in the days, music CDs and Video CDs are so expensive that people would rather buy a pirated copy of the movie instead of buying the original or go watch it in the cinemas.

Thanks to this anti-piracy campaign, CD prices, specially VCDs have plummeted. From Php400+, you can now buy original videos for as low as Php50.

Also, thanks to this, I now have the three Mighty Ducks movies and Edward Scissorhands. Hah!

The voyeur

The reason why I love commuting stems from the fact that I love people watching and that when you’re commuting, something will most likely happen. (Most of the time it’s something unpleasant, but hey I love complaining too, so that’s all right with me.)

Like today, for example. I was on my way back home from Ortigas when I took a jeep. Sliding into my seat without mishap, I passed on my fare and settled down for the ride. Sitting across from me was a guy who didn’t seem to know what to do with his eyeballs — they were bouncing from one girl to another. I resisted the urge to lean over and poke him in the eyes.

But I digress.

Next comes a woman who was just bursting out of her top (we’ll call her Bountiful Betsy). Now Bountiful Betsy, a creature that God smiled upon when the day came that he handed out bosoms, didn’t seem to know how to keep her hand to her chest when bending to get into a jeep.

So in comes BB and if it wasn’t for the noise pollution you would’ve heard the collective intake of breath from the opposite sex. With the many people in the jeep and the narrow pathway, BB had to mince her way to her seat which was conveniently further in, right beside the guy with roiling eyeballs. Roiling eyeballs which immediately fastened on the assets of the poor chit.

And as the jeep hurtled down the highway like a racehorse with a burr in its saddle, I watched the guy attempt to engage the woman’s breasts woman in conversation.

Unfortunately my stop came so I had to leave before I found out if she was going to slap him in outrage or give her his number.

Like I said, I love commuting in Manila.

It’s the end, as we know it

Yesterday, at the office, the fire alarm went off. It was announced 30 minutes earlier that a fire drill will commence and everybody will follow the procedures calmly.

It would’ve been a normal occurence for me, since our building IS old and the summer heat here is rising. But the reason behind it is not normal. It was a precaution against a prediction by a nun that there will be an earthquake. An SMS message stating that an earthquake of intensity 9 will happen by 5pm, has been passed to everyone like wildfire. So in the guise of the fire drill, we were made to go out of the 5-story (30-20-year old?) building.

We work in Mandaluyong, but I heard it was a different scenario at Makati. With skyscraper buildings, people were panicking. Okay, of course not all, but some took the warning to heart. Some offices sent off their employees to go home early. And all because of this.

By 5pm, nothing happened. But it has been said that there will be more to come within a few days, that could devastate Manila and Quezon City areas, while Philvolcs rebuffs the whole idea.

I would be the first to say that I do not know who to believe, and I really wouldn’t want to. Things like this make me paranoid. I know a lot of people in these areas and I’m very much concerned for them right now than I am for my self. So am just praying hard and hopeful that it’s all a joke and it doesn’t happen.

Go get your license, why don’t you?

'The Alley,' every student driver's rite of passage. You get through this alley and you get your license.

Do you have an entire day to yourself? Well by golly, it’s the best time to get your driver’s license.

My brother turned 17 and he was finally applying for his non-pro license. My mother needed to renew hers so they went together. I, on the other hand, played chauffeur for a day.

We arrived at the San Juan Land and Transportation Office (LTO) at 11AM. As I dropped them off, I headed over to the nearby mall, Shoppesville/Theatre Mall. I was with my 6-year-old sister. My mother was to call me as soon as they were done.

By 5PM, we’ve rounded the entire place, memorized the stores, and have had three meals.

*tune of the SATC theme blasts from my phone*

A-hah. Finally.

“We need you to bring the car over. They don’t have an auto for your brother to use for his driving test.”

How convenient. So I witnessed the “driving test.” The guy administering the test didn’t. The “test” was to drive through an alley and back (seen above). If you return unscathed, you pass.

So by 6PM, he finally got his license.

Seven agonizing hours to get a piece of plastic. Then I remembered the new law. LTO is covered by the new law: the four day work week, where government offices close for the day later than usual and get fridays off. Costs are reduced – and efficiency is compromised.

So far, I’m not liking it.

Marcos Highway in Taguig

No, really.

It was my first time to pass through C-5 in Taguig, and it seemed like there’s been some warp and we were travelling in Marcos Highway, particularly in the Antipolo area past Sta. Lucia and before you reach the foot of the mountain.


(ang babaw ko, grabe.)

To the market we go

Where there was barren land and vacant lots in The Fort at Taguig Metro Manila, stands the large new shopping mall, Market! Market!. The family happened to give it a visit yesterday, and so far, I didn’t like it.

Sure, the area is big, lots of open-air parking space (but already full by the time we arrived!), big parking building (cramp!) and it has completely awe-struck me with how huge the building is (yes, huge). But it wasn’t to my liking.

Little Quiapo

On Matalino St. in Quezon City, right where the old Little Quiapo used to be, there now stands a huge, brand spanking new KFC.

The new Little Quiapo is now in Mabilis St., hidden from view. Gone were the summer afternoons spent eating halo-halo with ube ice cream on top. The new Little Quiapo’s decor is better, but the ice cream parlor ambiance is gone.

KFC. Feh. UP-Teachers Village isn’t the same anymore.

Service, aisle 3

I love grocery shopping at Shopwise. It’s not too small to be cramped *coughHi-Topcough* yet not too big to make shopping so tiresome *couchSuperSaleClubcough* Aside from that, they give the best service with their friendly and curteous staff.

Today, however, was the first time I got disappointed.

First was the Viva Girl. I wanted to buy a video to watch this evening with my niece, and since I promised them I’d buy Julia Stile’s Save the Last Dance, I thought to buy it this time around. After looking at the stack for a minute, I finally asked the girl if they still have it on stock. She replied with “No, we don’t have it yet.”

Huh? I came across a copy three weeks ago.

“It’s not released yet,” she retored knowingly.


“It starred J.Lo, right?” continued Ms. Know-It-All.

I’m looking for Save The Last Dance, not Shall We Dance.

Exit stage left.

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