Go get your license, why don’t you?

'The Alley,' every student driver's rite of passage. You get through this alley and you get your license.

Do you have an entire day to yourself? Well by golly, it’s the best time to get your driver’s license.

My brother turned 17 and he was finally applying for his non-pro license. My mother needed to renew hers so they went together. I, on the other hand, played chauffeur for a day.

We arrived at the San Juan Land and Transportation Office (LTO) at 11AM. As I dropped them off, I headed over to the nearby mall, Shoppesville/Theatre Mall. I was with my 6-year-old sister. My mother was to call me as soon as they were done.

By 5PM, we’ve rounded the entire place, memorized the stores, and have had three meals.

*tune of the SATC theme blasts from my phone*

A-hah. Finally.

“We need you to bring the car over. They don’t have an auto for your brother to use for his driving test.”

How convenient. So I witnessed the “driving test.” The guy administering the test didn’t. The “test” was to drive through an alley and back (seen above). If you return unscathed, you pass.

So by 6PM, he finally got his license.

Seven agonizing hours to get a piece of plastic. Then I remembered the new law. LTO is covered by the new law: the four day work week, where government offices close for the day later than usual and get fridays off. Costs are reduced – and efficiency is compromised.

So far, I’m not liking it.

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