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Ms. Let-me-totally-ruin-your-day

Unpleasant security guards can really ruin my day. I mean, since they are security guards, they’re right there at the front gate, the first people you will meet. They can piss you off before you get anything else done. And I noticed that more often than not, male guards are much nicer than their female counterpart.

So I was dropped off at the University of Asia and the Pacific yesterday for my exam. The appointment that I had was for 1pm. I arrived about 15 minutes early (hardly the occassion to be fashionably late) and this is what happened:

When toupees attack.

My co-workers and I were in the lift after work when it stopped at the 14th floor. The doors slid open to reveal…

Eddie Gil.

(For those of you who don’t know, Eddie Gil was someone who ran for president in the last Philippine elections. He is, without a doubt, the most ridiculous candidate in that election. He is also famous for his extremely thick and obviously fake toupee.)

Five Fifty– again!

Good news to the commuters out there! The additional 2 pesos increase in fare rates have been indefinitely postponed. The LTFRB has found a loophole on the motion since it exceeds the inflation rate the gasoline and other rates have increased with lately.

So joy!

Until the eVAT is implemented, ordinary civillians still can go on with five pesos and fifty cents minimum per trip.

The Great Filipino Party

Even better than a reunion, a wake is the best, most effective way of gathering family members – including those you didn’t know exist.

Philippines funeral services consist of more than mourning. There are gambling, music, prayers, and the never-dying family gossip.

So the next time somebody passes on, don’t fret. Make friends. Rekindle familial relationships. It’s the new family reunion.


Steel Fences


Recently, pink-colored fences line parts of EDSA, to facilitate smooth traffic and lessen vehicle swervings. It is to lessen buses who stop literally anywhere to pick up and drop off commuters.

To the MMDA

The Soap Opera Generation

“Patayin niyo nalang ako! Wala naman kayong pakialam sakin!

Those were the words I woke up on Wednesday morning, wailed by my 9-year old niece. Is she just being overly imaginative and dramatic or is this the result of watching too much soap operas?

Our Own Line

In a mall not so far away, the beloved and I went to the premiere of the last installment to the Star Wars movies. Waiting in line was not as interesting as our LA counterpart, but still it was long. I got to be 2nd in line in one of the not so few cinemas that are airing the midnight premiere, simultaneously in Metro Manila! And hey, I was only in line for 2 hours and not more than a month. Best seats up at the balcony, baby!

To our dismay, only one person was in costume– and he only had a Vader mask on. Pfft. But the twisting and turning of the line managed to confound the guards… interesting enough? Feh.

On a sidenote: Even if there were many people in line, it still wasn’t able to beat the long line record for a local romance flick in the same mall. Yey for cheesy local films~ XP

Weather Report.

The rainy season in Manila has officially begun.

For those who take public transportation, or at the very least walk a fair distance from their building to their cars (goddamnit I’m starting to think like a working person — damn you, practicum, damn youuu! *shakes fist at the heavens*), make sure you’ve got an umbrella in your bag before you step out of the house.

For that last half hour of work I just bummed around, killing time when the lights suddenly went out and the only thing that illuminated the room was my computer’s monitor. Two offices away you could hear shrill screams of fright, and a second later the generator kicked in.

Deciding to go home early, we stepped out of our office and (again) heard shrill screams echoing in the stairway — apparently the guys were getting a kick out of victimizing the females making their way down the stairs.

By the time we got to the ground floor, the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind had everyone’s (at least, those brave enough to venture out) umbrellas flying out of their hands. People standing at the lobby snickered as they watched the people running after their rolling umbrellas. We dawdled at the entrance for a good 25 minutes where jokes about Darna saving us were bandied about. Eventually we girded ourselves to slog through the rain.

I speak for everyone in Ortigas when I say that slacks sticking to your legs absofuckinglutely sucks eggs.

(And like most of my entries nowadays, I will now come to a completely abrupt halt.)

Kihuna mo ang Bayong ko!

[edited May 31, 2005]

Okay, that Bayo thing created quite a stir among Pinoy bloggers. People are posting the messages in their blogs, boycotting Bayo products and dropping words of encouragement and support at Emma’s BBS.

However, I found this message from Emma over at her BBS:

“My dear Filipino friends and fellow artists

I am truly impressed and feel happy for receiving many messages
of encouragement over this BAYO incident.

I have been consulting this matter to various institutions
including the Japan Embassy to the Philippines and
Philippine branch of the Japan’s Patent Office.
They advised me that this is a very sensitive case involved with
the intellectual property rights law.

In line with this, they cautioned me that it may be possible
that your efforts such as boycotting the BAYO products
and voicing out your concerns against BAYO would rather cause
me legal disadvantages if this case will be brought to the court
in terms of damaging the public image of BAYO.
I therefore appreciate if you could stop making such public comments.

I also heard that there are many people directly complaining
against BAYO by e-mails or telephone calls, saying they do so
on behalf of me. Unfortunately, I have to ask you to stop these
actions, too, due to the same reason.

I am very sad to learn the reality that your kind, brave and
sincere actions have a risk to result in the opposite direction.
I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that I am no longer able to
accept your aid under these circumstances. I am so sorry.

I may also have to delete the related messages on my website soon.
I am going to let you know the results of this matter when everything is settled.

Again, thanks a lot for your support!

.. 5/30(Mon) 17:02[444

[edit June 4, 2005]
It’s confirmed: Emma was the one who wrote that message in her board. Let’s respect her wishes.

Seven frickin’ fifty

It seems that the jeepney fare hike has been approved: Php7.50 for the first 4 kilometers, and Php1.25 for each succeeding kilometer.

Php.7.50?! *faints*

Oh well, at least I now have more reason (and excuse) to take a cab everywhere I go *roll eyes*

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