Beyond the call of duty

At times when I stay late at work, my dad picks me and my mom up from the office. And since dad has no cellphone, we ask him to just be there whenever we think we’d be done. At the appointed time, I’d call the backside building guradhouse to check if our car is there.

Mind you, this doesn’t happen every single day. So imagine my surprise when one night I rang up the guard again, but without me saying a word he quickly spoke “[insert license plate number], is here”. Before I could reply I couldn’t help myself but laugh. After a minute of giggling, I said my “Thank you” and placed down the phone.

Now you see, security guards have a rotation, so we don’t necessarily have the same guard in night shift for 2 days in a row. But the same thing happens every single night for the past week. I wasn’t even asking anything yet, but they would already answer with “I’ll check ma’m”, “Not yet here, ma’m” or “It’s here.”

Wow. Did they suddenly have caller ID or something? I just wish they’d call me when my dad is there. *giggles* But that would be asking too much.

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