Weather Report.

The rainy season in Manila has officially begun.

For those who take public transportation, or at the very least walk a fair distance from their building to their cars (goddamnit I’m starting to think like a working person — damn you, practicum, damn youuu! *shakes fist at the heavens*), make sure you’ve got an umbrella in your bag before you step out of the house.

For that last half hour of work I just bummed around, killing time when the lights suddenly went out and the only thing that illuminated the room was my computer’s monitor. Two offices away you could hear shrill screams of fright, and a second later the generator kicked in.

Deciding to go home early, we stepped out of our office and (again) heard shrill screams echoing in the stairway — apparently the guys were getting a kick out of victimizing the females making their way down the stairs.

By the time we got to the ground floor, the rain was coming down in torrents and the wind had everyone’s (at least, those brave enough to venture out) umbrellas flying out of their hands. People standing at the lobby snickered as they watched the people running after their rolling umbrellas. We dawdled at the entrance for a good 25 minutes where jokes about Darna saving us were bandied about. Eventually we girded ourselves to slog through the rain.

I speak for everyone in Ortigas when I say that slacks sticking to your legs absofuckinglutely sucks eggs.

(And like most of my entries nowadays, I will now come to a completely abrupt halt.)

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  1. anna l. (unregistered) on May 18th, 2005 @ 11:04 am

    lol! darna? only a guy would want to be saved by that… overbreasted… thing. esp. under wet weather. XD

    bahh. i hate meralco’s scheduled blackouts, real blackouts, or whatnot. don’t forget to stock up events on your social calendar so you’ll be at least out of the house when the blackout hits your place. ^_^

  2. Amanda (unregistered) on May 19th, 2005 @ 1:19 am

    “lol! darna? only a guy would want to be saved by that… overbreasted… thing. esp. under wet weather. XD”
    You’d be surprised by how many (straight) females would prove you wrong. (There were also a lot of “quick bring out the stone and swallow it” lines floating about)

    And I have a lamp and a stack of books ready.

    That’s as social as I get.


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