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Halloween Hell

I’ve been going to the mall everyday since Friday (don’t ask), and it was just plain hellish. There were just too many people. People shopping, people distributing flyers, people gawking at this human statue.

This deluge of humans can be attributed to several factors:
1) Mall-wide sale
2) Pay-day weekend
3) Long weened
4) Halloween celebration (i.e. costume parties, trick or treat)
5) Mall-wide sale

And did I say there was a sale?

A different kind of party

When my cousins and I were younger, we’d celebrate Halloween and All Saint’s Day together. What we’d do is we’d go to the cemetery where our grandparents are buried and stay overnight.

We are, however, not unique. In the 3 years we did that, the cemetery seemed to get more crowded than the last. People would flock armed with tents, rechargeable lamps, banigs, books, playing cards, portable radios, coolers filled with ice water, soda and sometimes (or most of the time) beer, and enough food to last for a week.

Well, you don’t really need to bring food. If you have the money, you can just buy from the many concessionaires littered around the park selling pizza, burgers, drinks, shawarma, fishballs, and heck, even pirated CDs.

We’d been so busy and frankly, felt too old for this kind of thing for the past years. On the way home from the mall earlier, I heard on the radio that people still do this kind of thing, though with more restrictions: you can’t bring a guitar inside the cemetery anymore.

A tikbalang’s wedding

There’s nothing more irritating to a person who has just hung her 2-week’s worth of laundry than to have rain while the sun is shining brightly.

I remember this time when my college friend and I were on our way home. It was around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun was still in full force and it suddenly rained. No, not just a drizzle, but something short of a downpour. It lasted only for about 5 minutes, then it was gone as quickly as it came.

My friend said that during these instances, a tikbalang* is getting married.

Can’t they schedule their wedding during days when I’m not doing my laundry? *grumble*

* A half-man half-horse creature from Philippine folklore. It lives in secluded areas in swamps. It is said that the knees of the tikbalang rise above its head, hiding its face. The tikbalang is responsible for misleading travelers so that they will get lost. However, a traveler may find his way back by wearing his shirt inside-out. (source:

Ze old watering hole

Starbucks at SM North EDSA has been my refuge as of late whenever I want to get out of the house. With my regular order of Cafe Mocha, the occasional pastry and an ever present book, I would read all my worries away. Hey, it’s not my fault if their interiors are bookworm friendly.

I’ve noticed something about the Starbucks crowd in this particular branch: there are the genuines and the fakes.

The genuines are those who go there for their coffee fix. They buy their prefered coffee concoction and relax in the couches and chairs, reading magazines or chatting with friends.

The fakes however, seem to just go there to do everything BUT buy coffee. Perplexing, isn’t it?

Starbucks is and has always been associated with being “cool” and some people just see it as a place to be seen in. I see teenagers meeting there, chatting for 30 minutes and not order anything. People meeting possible business partners, discussing plans and arrangement, both waiting for the other party to order first and ending up not buying anything. Heck, even guys with laptops maybe trying to access their wi-fi, lounge there for the internet and the airconditioning.

Not that I’m advocating expensive coffee, but please, if you’re going inside a cafe at least order something. If you don’t have any intention to buy, just go somewhere else.

Primest of prime spots

While we’re on the topic of MRTs, I’ve been noticing the television sets installed in all the stations, though I’ve never once seen them turned on.

What are they planning on playing there? Even more commercials (as if EDSA isn’t cluttered enough with billboards)?

Or are they still debating whether it’s better to show Pinoy Big Brother or Darna in these sets?

Where have all the stored value tickets gone?

I rode the MRT with my mother today. Since I only had one stored value ticket and there’s two of us, I decided to buy another one.

But there were no stored value tickets in the North EDSA MRT station.
There were no stored value tickets in Guadalupe either.
Neither were there any in Ayala.

Anybody have an idea what the people at MRT are scheming?

You’re no longer the same sandwich I thought I knew

I used to think Figaro had the best tuna sandwich in town. They called it Grilled Tuna Cheese or something. I loved the bread, I loved the mustard, I loved the potato chips on the side.

My dad and I were craving for it last week so we went to Figaro, ordering the sandwich excitedly.

What we got was this:

They changed the bread, there was no mustard, no potato chips, and the cheese reminded me of the cheese one normally finds in a Jollibee Yumburger with Cheese. They changed everything I loved about that sandwich! It’s a completely different sandwich altogether!

I didn’t use to grumble about the cost of that tuna sandwich because it tasted just so damn good. I’m grumbling now. The sandwich is no longer worth the price.

I’m going back to get a feedback form or something. I am not happy with this development.

Lazy Sunday

On the spur of the moment, my friend decided he wanted to go out for dinner.

Since my friend was famished, we decided to just stay in Quezon City, specifically in the Mother Ignacia and Thomas Morato area, for dinner and dessert.

Congo Grill was filled with families celebrating birthdays or just having dinner after hearing mass, and Ice Monster wasn’t any different either.

After dessert, we decided to walk off the yummy food we’ve ingested and found the stretch of Thomas Morato desolate, save for street children begging for alms. The only excitement was the fire near Equitable Bank.

Your home and your personality

The other night when I was walking in Greenbelt 1 with a friend we chanced upon the PSID exhibit. Every year the graduating students of the school have exhibits of their projects and this year’s theme is “PSID gets personal” – and when you enter the hall, you will be given a short personality quiz. The main personality types they included are pure, wild, bohemian, laid back, urban and sensual. I got the laid back personality type when I answered the quiz. (It was actually laid back and bordering on the urban.) They gave out flyers that describe the personality type I got from the test and inside the hall are exhibits divided according to the personality types.

The exhibits are really pretty and of course I am biased towards the laid back set =) I love the room called “Bum shelter” – it looks so comfy and it has a hammock-like thing thing with lots of pillows =D

Airport Taxis: The necessary evil?

My mother arrived yesterday from Australia. Since none of my other siblings are free to pick her up, I ended up with the task. Me, who has no car.

I took the MRT to Magallanes and took a cab to the airport. That was crazy. He cab driver dropped me off at the departure area and told me to just take the stairs down to the arrival area. I soon found out that it’s not as simple as “taking the stairs down.” It involved a flight of stairs, a walk down to the pedestrian lane, through the parking lot and paying Php30 to go inside the lounge where I stayed no more than 30 seconds.


Having no car meant that our only alternative is to take the airport taxi. It was a stagerring Php790 from NAIA terminal 1 to Sangandaan. *hyperventilates*

But I suppose they’re a good alternative from unscrupulous taxi drivers who’d either: a) charge you 150% more than what the meter counted (though still so much lower than the airport taxi fees), or; b) rob you. Not all taxi drivers are like that, thankfully.

Their cars are new and well maintained, and their drivers are very courteous. You pay at their station inside the station so he wouldn’t overcharge you. Though you *are* already overcharged. Yes, I’m still bitter about that.

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