Paranoia in the Metro

It’ s been pretty weird in the past how many days. The state of emergency has been declared and now I have been receiving messages about possible threats of rallies and stuff on the streets.

This is difficult because of the amount of negative media coverage we have been given these days.

Part of me doesn’t want to go home anymore – just sleep over in the office so I won’t have trouble on the way home. But then again, I’d rather be home when something happens.

It’s the general feeling of dread spreading out and it’s making the people paranoid all the more.

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  1. charlie solis (unregistered) on February 28th, 2006 @ 3:19 pm

    it’s exactly what the communists (party list members, pseudo-nuns and pseudo-profs, together with their convert teenagers and brainwashed 20 somethings) want, that NCR be on a standstill and evolve into a mountain. they’ve soaked up the goods of the poor people in the provinces with all the revolutionary taxes that they came up with and now they’re on phase five of their modus. after they’ve successfully convinced the mothers and fathers of our country to go abroad, they convinced the teens to leave their uncles in the provinces to go to Manila to squat where they were brainwashed to join rallies and, eventually, their organizations. and as all those stuffs were happening, them communists used the circumstances as effective script infront of x-deal TV stations and dailies (they are, after all, the official videographers and journalists of them communists so their stations won’t suffer the same fate as Globe cell sites) that impose such pro-poor mileages to you via your TV set and newspaper to make you feel hopeless and, like them, having a victim complex and never work your dream jobs, leaving you anti-progress and scared.

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