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We think too highly of ourselves, apparently

Favila: No job crisis; Filipinos just choosy

THE PHILIPPINES is not lacking in work opportunities, but unemployed Filipinos are just fussy about the jobs that come their way, Trade Secretary Peter Favila said yesterday… “Some Filipinos have a tendency to aspire to be the vice president immediately upon hiring or they want to be able to pick the time and place of work. Those who can’t get what they want choose to just wait till their ideal job falls on their lap,” Favila said.


/professional bum

Is it my turn yet?

After weeks of sweltering heat, it drizzled for a while yesterday afternoon, then rained almost all day today. It’s definitely a nice break from the heat of summer.

My sister commented that El Niño’s over and we’re now going to experience La Niña. That means rain rain rain.

Darn it, La Niña as early as March? Ack, what will this do to our summer plans?!

All cities, All access


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Green to Grey

Quezon City is about to become more of a concrete jungle if the city government has its way with the seven hectare plot of land that houses the Manila Seedling Bank.

City Hall wants 59M pesos in back taxes from the seedling bank despite a Marcos-era presidential decree that exempts it from taxation. The city treasurer claims that the decades old decree has been nullified by newer laws.
If they don’t pay by December, the city will take over the land and sell it to the highest bidder.

SM’s Henry Sy is supposedly interested in turning it into a commercial area, a move which will infuse the area with green, but not the kind that cleans the air.

Gaming grounds

Interested in card games? Some of my friends are. Over the weekend, Ranulf, Carl and I went to Neutral Grounds in Glorietta. Ranulf met his friend Allen because they were going to play Highlander. The nice thing about it is that they have lots of chairs and tables you can use. I have seen our other friend Marcelle hang out there and play cards.

Another place to check out is the Extreme Gaming Grounds, also in Glorietta. That’s for those who love computer games:) I have been there and the one in Greenhills. Nice places to hang out ;)

There’s another one in Walter-Mart, where AEGIS hangs out but I haven’t been there yet. I’d let you know one of these days :D

A different kind of outing

While everybody is looking forward to their trip to the beach or out of the country, I am just looking forward to my next trip to the mall.

Yes, the mall. It’s only 20 minutes away, it doesn’t charge for admission and buying anything is purely optional. And it’s airconditioned.

But since it’s too hot outside, I think I’ll just stay in and stand under the cool waters of my shower.

Such is the life in the metro.

Rivers of Light

Wow, look at my flickr find:

Rivers of Light
Originally uploaded by mckytm.

Ortigas (Correct me if I’m wrong!) has never looked that peaceful. At first glance I thought it was Makati. LOL.

Koine hold free performance art classes

If you know 6-16 year olds who are public school students who would like to join in performance art workshops, you could encourage them to register for Koine Theater Foundations workshops this summer. The registration will be on April 1 (8am to 12nn). It will be at the Koine office at the 2nd Floor of FORAB Bldg, 121 Kamuning Rd, Quezon City. You could also call 4104485.

Classes offered are: hiphop, breakdance, ballet, voice and acting.
Duration: April 1 to May 26.

Powerbooks warehouse sale

Yes, more sale *sigh*

Powerbooks Warehouse Sale!

Powerbooks is having a warehouse sale on March 16-31, 2006; 10am to 7pm at # 25 Brixton st. Capitol Subdivision, Pasig City. If you are coming from Shaw blvd., take a left turn to Reliance st. then turn right to Brixton st. (it’s the street parallel left to Pioneer st.). there is a BIG Powerbooks signage at the gate. More bargain books, bigger discounts!

Finding your path

I received this invitation in the mail, and I thought someone out there might find this useful:

WHEN: MARCH 19, 2006
9 AM

FOR INQUIRIES CALL 7124849 0919 3823039

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