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Mass Evacuation Drill in Libis

The Libis commercial area will be having a Building Emergency Evacuation Plan (BEEP) exercise today where all buildings are requested to evacuate their offices to test the emergency evacuation plan in case of an earthquake, fire or other natural disaster.

The drill comes as a joint effort the National Disaster Coordinating Council, Phivolcs, the Philippine National Red Cross and the Bureau of Fire. At around 11am, the drill will call for 4 office towers, 5 condominiums and 2 commercial establishments to practice their BEEPs at the same time.

Filipinos are the Overseas Class

Richard Paddock of the LA Times offers a different perspective on the “Philippines’ most successful export: its workers.”

The Philippines has both benefited from cash remittances from OFWs. On the other hand, the exodus of doctors, the lack of teachers and the long term effects of migrant workers is a stop gap solution and undermines the level of poverty and hardship that many Filipinos left behind undergo.

What is your opinion on the matter? How do laws and government policies on Immigration affect countries that rely on this export?

Read More:
LA Times: The Overseas Class

Earth day in Manila

The 8th Tour of the Fireflies was celebrated yesterday in line with Earth Day with a bicycle parade that started and ended at Tiendesitas in Ortigas, Pasig. The 50-kilometer ride took about 5 hours and was attended by hundreds of cyclists

More Information:
Firefly Brigade

Biogesic on the MRT

Biogesic on the MRT

Originally uploaded by happyeclair.

Safety handles could be very interesting. This is the second time I am blogging an image of the safety handles on the MRT.

Advertising on public transport is getting more and more creative, I swear. How could I forget that Biogesic is a pain reliever if I see it on the trainride on the way home? Hehehe.

This makes commuting less boring indeed!


No this is not going to be about Angel Locsin’s latest teleserye “Majika” which also uses the term “salamanca”. It’s more about Dean Alfar‘s latest offering.

Salamanca, which won the Grand Prize for Novel in the 2005 Palanca Awards and was first published online through NaNoWriMo, is now being offered by the Ateneo Press. An excerpt is available here.

iBlog 2!

I attended yesterday’s blogging event with my orgmates. Although I miss the large NISMED audi which was used last year, but the talks and the snacks made me happy enough. :P Just like last year, I found Dean Alfar‘s talk as the most funny, interesting and inspiring. He shared ideas on creative writing and um…more notably, on how not to fear tomorrow. I’d have to get hold of his first published novel entitled Salamanca soon!



Clair has interesting notes on the event. And I want to see your group photo! I wasn’t able to stay til the end so I missed the opportunity to meet a lot of people and be part of the photo ops. LOL.

Even grownups blog

I have to admit I’m pretty ignorant about the Philippine blogging scene. Though I know blogging isn’t limited to teenyboppers and emo teenagers, I was still plesantly surprised to see that I was surrounded by adults in the 2nd Philippine Blogging Summit.

I suppose it’s because of the topic we attended. While the younger set flocked to the Sta. Ana Room to for the feature on Podcasting, my friend and I are in the Binay room considering to blog professionally.

It seems the Philippines has a wealth of individuals with the passion to write. A number of Filipino bloggers are now doing it professionally.

This craze called “blogging” is here to stay.

Hot enough for ya?

It’ll be hell tomorrow, we’re looking at a daytime temperature of 36 C.
Those of us in the city will simultaneously burst into flames and melt.

What’s so bad about staying in Manila?

It seems that every forum I go to, people are whining or grumbling about being stuck in Manila for the Lenten season.

I don’t see anything so terrible about staying in Manila. Actually, Holy Week seems to be the best time to be in Manila because there’s hardly any traffic and the streets are (for most parts) quiet. Of course, the malls and other establishments save for the church are either closed or have shorter hours, but you can seize it as an opportunity to catch up on the things you need to do around the house. And go to church, if you’re Catholic.

Then again, I’ve no choice but to stay here and work even during Maudy Thursday and maybe Good Friday as well. Whereas for some, it’s their only chance to get out from work or summer school.

So, where will you be this Thursday and Friday?

Summer @ Boracay!

I’m parent trapped and have no means to go to Boracay. I ended up dreaming about a summer escapade through Bora photos available online. Here are some of the best:

boracay island
Originally uploaded by zeng lebron.


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