Diamond Hotel? More Like a Lump of Coal!

diamond hotel

Do you have friends coming into town? Folks you wanna impress? Then may I offer a very simple suggestion? Do NOT house them at Diamond Hotel Manila.

With a few hours before my flight, I was hoping for a relaxing hotel bar, a sky bar really, where I could drink and write with a view. I heard Diamond Hotel Manila had a Sky Bar and went there hoping.

And I was disappointed. The bar is closed from 2-5pm, the exact time I wanted to have a drink. Stuck in the downstairs bar, I found their WiFi to be pay per hour – $5 pay per hour. $5 per hour which you had to pay for in the second floor business office, not, as might be expected, near where non-guests would be using WiFi.

Then, in the middle of my offline work, they switched from love ballads to World Cup, that would be low love ballads to very loud and annoying World Cup, in Japanese!!

Last, as I was leaving, I noticed that their crack security team was waving in cabs without the usual under-chassis and trunk check. A lapse not seen anywhere else in my several hotel visit in Manila.

All in all, a very bad experience, one that says Diamond Hotel Manila ain’t worthy for your friends and family.

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