Don’t Drive in Manila

Lord knows I would never do it, drive in Manil that is. And I am not talking about the traffic – that’s easy compared to places I’ve been, like say the road the Timbuktu.

No, I wouldn’t drive here because you don’t want me to drive here. Just going or a run, I felt the open hostility towards drivers and I can’t imagine what it would be like actually behind the wheel.

First off you have the mad traffic police, out giving tickets on a Sunday. Giving tickets driving a little rice burning joke of a police car. I’m not sure I would stop for a cop driving one. Maybe if he shot at me.

Which is what I felt the good people of San Lorenzo would do if they knew I was on their roads. Just check out the sign that greets you just inside the gate.

Nice and friendly, eh? Now guess what you’ll get if you go deeper into their neighbourhood? Follow me on the jump and I’ll show you.

Yeah, isn’t that welcoming? I mean I rally feel like visiting or much less, living, in a neighbourhood with pleasant signs like that out for drivers.

I wonder, does Imelda Marcos treat folks like this? Hmm.. Not when I met her!

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