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No Parking Please!

Manila, Manila, Manila…… I love Manila.

Milenyo! Masdan mo ang ginawa mo!

A pine tree in Governor Forbes street in Manila….

Sinabi na nga na BAWAL UMIHI eh!

Do you know how to read? sabi na ngang bawal umihi e….?

Maganda pa rin si Maxi

Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros first came out for regular screening last November. Since then, I’ve been waiting for the day they’d release it on DVD so I can send my siblings abroad copies (original, of course) of this beautiful movie.

Unfortunately, since it was still being shown internationally, the DVD is still not available. Fortunately for me, it’s now being screen again in regular cinemas.

So if you haven’t seen Maxi yet, go to your nearest sari-sari store theatre and watch!

And this is what he left behind

I was at work in Makati yesterday when Milenyo hit. I could hear the strong winds blowing outside our office windows. The power would fluctuate every half hour. It was scary. When I stepped out of the building, I was shocked to see the usually orderly streets of Makati turn into a huge mess of fallen trees and broken concrete. Click on the picture to enlarge. These were just the damage that I saw. All around the metro, there were broken electrical posts and fallen electrical lines. It was very dangerous to go out. Today I saw people clearing trees off the road, but traffic is still terrible. Milenyo entered our country with such intensity and left so quickly; but he left behind unbelievable damage. I hope all is well with you guys and that your loved ones are safe and sound.

Manila Mayor declares Manila in state of calamity?

MANILA Mayor Lito Atienza declared the city in a state of calamity and suspended classes on all levels on Friday.

Im sure its because of the typhoon Milenyo…. but i guess ….. affected billboards that says “Buhayin ang Maynila with the Mayors face” could be one of the reasons as well…..(LOL)

The Typhoon

Yesterday, because of the storm, work was cancelled, so I had to stay home. The wind and rains didn’t seem to stop. I thought that the strong and fast winds were gonna rip off the roof over my head. Others were not as lucky– some families in other parts of the city had not only found their roofs flying, but also their walls. They tried to repair their houses though, as some of them don’t have anywhere else to go for the night…

This morning, evidence of the storm was undeniable. Trees, electric/ telephone poles, streetlight, and billboards have fallen over. The MMDA picket fences have been pushed aside to the empty side streets as the MMDA & DPWH prioritized clearing up the bigger road obstructions. On my way to the office this morning, I also saw some soldiers clearing the large tree branches at Ortigas.

There have been power outages, also some parts that don’t have power yet (the office I work is still being powered by the generator at the moment).

There is calmness after the storm of course, and seeing people work together to help each other and clear the roads is a sight to see after such a calamity.

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Jack Canfield in Manila


Since a friend introduced me to Robert Kiyosake’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad, my interest was piqued by “wise” books that enrich lives. I dare not call them self-help books because personally the tag connotes individual helplessness, a dire need for rescue. You don’t have to be in the mire to appreciate the insights these books offer.

Jack Canfield, one of the co-creator of the widely read Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books (that’s just one of the 110 that he has written), will be in the country to share some more of his astute insights on 02 October 2006 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Hotel.

Storm batters Manila – No work in Government Offices; No classes all levels

There is a big storm over the metro today with the arrival last night of tropical storm Milenyo (international name Xangsane), signal 3 was raised over the metro early this morning.

These are some of the announcements regarding the storm as of 8am this morning.

1. No classes in all levels (Elementary, High School, College and Post Graduate) inclusive of Public and High School levels.
2. No work in government offices.
3. No trading in the Philippine Stock Exchange.
4. Color coding suspended.
5. Some local flights cancelled (Cebu Pacific, Manila to Hong Kong/vice versa)
6. All inter-coastal travel cancelled (Ro-ro and Ferries)

what do you think is wrong in the picture?

that is sooooooooooo manila. hehehe :-) don’t you think so? this is why i love manila, the irony.

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