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Magnets, Anyone?

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(Photo from Wikimedia)

Jeepney drivers and sidewalk vendors must be armed with magnets nowadays. Everyone else should follow suit, too – considering that our coins are now being counterfeited.

Apparently, thieves have found a brilliant way to afford stealing: they’re making false coins (in P5 and P10 denominations) using air compressors and stamping machines. But one can easily tell the difference from the original, provided one has a magnet, and presuming that every Filipino, rich or poor, actually cares. The fake coins have altered metallic properties that make them attracted to magnets. I haven’t read what properties exactly, but it isn’t rocket science to conclude that today’s desperate times are calling for desperate (albeit criminal) measures.

So if you suspect that the contents of your piggy bank are only half-legit, you can have fun spreading them across your bedroom floor and testing their authenticity. Just don’t be surprised if to your magnet, one of the Emilio Aguinaldos sticks.

Jeepney Photo

Im just wondering if this photo is for real!!!! (LOL)

KFC’s Orange Chicken and Mushroom Soup

KFC has a new offering called Orange Chicken (or maybe Chicken Orange, I am not so sure right now). It’s basically yummy chicken strips with orange sauce. It’s something similar to lemon chicken but the chicken is done in the traditional KFC style. It’s only Php 59 so I think it’s worth it :) The mushroom I got was Php15. Not bad for a meal in Makati, especially when working late in the office.

Castrillo at 40

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(Photo by Budo de Guzman)

Sculptor Eduardo Castrillo has been at his craft for forty years now. And while not a lot of people outside the local art circles know him (or at least not prevalently), his works are spread prominently across Manila and beyond, serving all at once as intricately-designed landmarks, political commentary, and rich symbols of Philippine heritage and society. Surely you’ve seen “Liwasang Bonifacio” beside the Manila City Hall?

This month, Ed is celebrating four decades of creative mastery at the Yuchengco Museum in RCBC Plaza, Makati. His exhibit, entitled “Facets of Style, Medium and Form”, runs from October 17-December 20, 2006 at the Yuchengco Museum Lobby and Courtyard. This is Ed’s way of thanking collectors and friends, artists and dilettantes, Filipinos both young and old.

Manila Then

Screenshot of Nostalgia Manila I came across this blog a couple of weeks ago and have been enjoying it a lot. Nostalgia Manila is a blog dedicated to reliving Manila as it was in the 1970s and the 1980s. You’ll find stories that will send you back to your childhood (or teenage years, depending on how old you are…). On the sidebar, you can play a song from the yesteryears while you read the blog entries. Right now I’m listening to “I Can’t Tell You Why” by The Eagles, this week’s featured hit. While the music is fun, what I enjoy most are the pictures!

Craving for ome rice? Try Hang Kang!

If you are craving for ome rice (also known as omelette rice and omu rice), try Hang Kang’s ome rice. I suppose that Filipinos who like eating omelettes or torta would say that this is probably weird because there’s fried rice in the omelette itself. It’s a Korean dish and it’s really yummy. You could even have some noodles in it.

My sister says that it’s a tricky treat so that kids will end up eating vegetables though. Hehehe.

Feel Good News for a Change

This photo was taken by one of the passengers onboard the plane.

Amidst the drudgeries of daily living, you here news that in some way lighten your load even for just a few minutes and make you forget about that nagging deadline, the traffic in the metro, that annoying billboard in EDSA, or that anonymous reader who has the guts to insult your intelligence but doesn’t have the ba**s to identify himself. There is still good news in Manila after all, or at least on a plane bound to Manila. A 22-year-old Filipino working student gave birth prematurely to a healthy baby boy onboard a KLM plane from Amsterdam. Because of this, the plane had to make an emergency stopover at Kazakhstan, but not before Betchel Banal broke her water bag, had labor pains, and finally gave birth to her son with the assistance of a Filipino doctor who was also a passenger and the plane’s flight attendant. Read more about this story here. I don’t know about you, but I sure do need to hear news of this nature a lot more often.

A balanced diet?


I was having lunch at Wendy’s in SM Mall of Asia when I noticed their paper place mats. How exactly is this a balanced diet? High cholesterol burger and fries and a sugary coke?

Coffee Break

Figaro A lot of my friends say that Figaro serves the best coffee in Manila. My amateur tastebuds seem to agree with them. When I do need coffee, say I’m working overtime or facing a long morning ahead of me, I find myself gravitating towards Figaro.

Here’s my personal favorite. If you’re into having a flavorful and potent brew, try their Barako Gold blend. One doesn’t need to go all the way to Batangas or Cavite to have a taste of this dark, strong coffee! It’s not for the weak-hearted. The powerful brew really does drum up your senses and it’s perfect for those who need serious picking up. And another reason my friends say they’re the best in Manila? It’s a local coffee chain with old world charm and big world possibilities. Learn more about Figaro here.

Jollibee at Home

Jollibee Chickenjoy at home!

Say you’re having a small gathering at home, and you’re tired of the usual pizza delivery. It’s not a formal occasion, just family getting together for fun and laughter. You don’t want to order lechon manok anymore or barbecue, or you just don’t want to see another bilao of pancit. So what do you do? We went the fastfood route and ordered Jollibee.

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