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Krispy Kreme now open in Manila!


…and I got two boxes :)


Typhoon signal number 1

Classes in all levels have been cancelled today because of Typhoon Reming. I was expecting some heavy rains when I woke up this afternoon, similar to what happened when Milenyo hit last September. While the sky was dark and the temperature relatively low, there wasn’t any drop of rain until this evening.

But that’s not the point of this entry.

On the way to the post office this afternoon, I passed by SM North to withdraw from the ATM since the two banks close to where I live were both offline. To my surprise, it was packed! There were long lines of cars at the carpark entrance, even longer lines at the ATMs. Some are already on their way home, while others are just arriving. Some were stocking up their pantries as evident by the number of supermarket bags, while some are doing some serious shopping.

Yup, when there’s a typhoon, your best refuge is the mall.

What is this world coming to?

hotdogcheese.jpgI thought I didn’t hear my mother right when she said she’s using hotdog flavored cheese for her macaroni salad.

Two hours later, I’m trying out the salad and wondered at the faint taste of hotdog in my cheese.

I suppose, if you can put cheese inside your hotdog, you can also put hotdog in your cheese. Mmmm.

Photo credit: Junk food blog.

The Little Things My husband and I paid a visit to one of our favorite carinderias (food stalls) last weekend. We always look forward to the delicious home-cooked food they serve and the warm smiles that come with it. While we knew that this carinderia was already homey, this little touch of theirs made us even more enamored with the place! Instead of the usual white napkins, they served their utensils and plates with Christmas-themed table napkins. The simple festive touch made us feel the Christmas spirit more. Such wonderful Christmas joys from the little things!

Bagyo nanaman?

“So what are you going to do this weekend?”

That question has been asked several times this week in anticipation of the coming 3-day weekend. Woohoo! There have been reports however of a typhoon headed our way. Again? Again. Reming was supposed to hit Manila spot on this Friday, but changed course as of last night. While it is moving north, it is still best to be prepared. We have experienced enough typhoons in this country to know how testy they can be.

So what are you going to do this weekend? Be safe, my fellow Manileños.


Starlit Evening The SM Mall of Asia has caught the Christmas spirit. There are decorations all around their mall! The picture shows one part of the mall (North Wing, I think) and its starry decor. I thought the stars were very pretty! They cast a lovely glow on the square below. See a closer view of the stars after the jump.


Luneta Hotel


The Luneta Hotel along Dewey Boulevard (now Roxas Boulevard) faces Manila Bay. It is one of the few remaining classic architectures that stood the test of time. The once beautiful Pasig River is still being used to tranport people who choose to avoid traffic on land (water lilies still float in the polluted river).

The Art of Kenji Nunez

The anime-ish artworks that sometimes appear in giant billboards in EDSA have got to be some of the more attractive marketing collaterals I’ve seen plastered on such medium. I find out that the man behind these, GP Magazine editor-in-chief and creative director Kenji Nunez, will mount his coming out exhibit “Neon World of KBoi: The Art of Kenji Nunez” on 30 November to 07 December 2006 at the Ricci Renzo Café and Art Gallery at the at the ground floor LRI Building, Nicanor Garcia St. (formerly Reposo St.) Bel-Air Village, Makati City. Nunez’s artworks have debuted in magazines, print ads, internet sites, and, as I’ve mentioned, huge billboards. The 30 artworks that will be on exhibit feature Nunez’s “interpretation of the pink community.” And for the die-hard art collectors, the artworks will be on sale, proceeds of which will benefit the Gift Foundation which promotes AIDS awareness and prevention.

I want my chicken rice

At long last, the Banana Leaf Asian Cafe at The Block in SM North EDSA finally opened.

I was elated, having been longing for some roti and char kway teow for so long, but not exactly excited about the prospect of having to go all the way to Ortigas, Makati or Harrison to get my Hainanese Chicken rice.

Where do you get your Chicken rice fix?

Rally guide

My sister in Melbourne told me that before they go out in the morning, they always check the weather forecast so they’d know what to wear and what to bring.

That got me thinking…in Manila, where the weather can either be blisteringly hot or wet and dreary, what we need to check everytime we go out is whether there’s a rally scheduled somewhere.

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