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Pyro Olympics?

QUICK UPDATE: So it is coming to town after all, albeit belatedly. It looks to be even better than last year, or the other year rather. For more information visit the official Pyro Olympics website.

Question out of sheer curiosity, and an upshot of having lived under a rock for months: Is this year’s Pyro Olympics event coming to town this December? If yes – fantastic (when and where and what time and how much?)!
If no – why not? where to? how come? Now it must suck if it isn’t going to be in Manila!

For those who missed it last year, I have a humbly recorded video of some country’s fireworks blazing and coloring the sky. The clip is way less fantastic than the real thing – way, way less. Now I am pleading the organizers, however belatedly, to once again mount the event here in our city – the rest of the Manilenyos will certainly second that.

(That’s dear friend Acid‘s voice and mine admiring the bright flowers of the sky and screaming like the ‘young’ people we really are.)

Pasko na naman

…at napapadalas ang pag-kolekta ng mga basura. Kung nung dati, every Tuesday lang sila dumadaan sa village namin, ngayon, kahit Biyernes, nangongolekta sila.

Okay lang sana, kaso napapadalas din ang pagbigay ng envelope.

Let’s Talk Dirty I love the name of this laundry shop. It’s so cute! Let’s Talk Dirty has several branches around Manila. I’ve tried three of them, but my personal favorite is the branch along P. Burgos Street in Makati. The ladies Marianne, Rose and Lorna are very friendly and accommodating. Service is very efficient. The branch along Dela Rosa St., Legaspi Vllage also has friendly personnel and good service. So if you’re thinking of having some laundry done, do consider these two branches that have good service my friends and I can vouch for. Just promise me you won’t crack up when you give them a call and they answer, “Hello! Let’s Talk Dirty!”


Chaikofi The SM Mall of Asia can be quite intimidating. Its huge wings and endless halls are a challenge to the professional shopper but a maze to the amateur maller. If you get tired walking around and just want to chill out, look for Chaikofi at the ground floor of the North Wing. Its cozy ambiance, comfortable seats and wide selection of teas and coffees will help you de-stress. They also have good paninis, pasta and rice meals. Whether you need to relax after a day of shopping or to get energized for your second round of malling, Chaikofi’s a wonderful place to be.

Pass the Message

Can you see what’s written? I guess the drivers were too much in a rush to remove the message! Or perhaps they didn’t care. Messages like this just makes being stuck in traffic a bit more interesting.

Are you done with your Christmas shopping?

It seems a lot of people in Metro Manila isn’t done yet, because the malls are PACKED.

It’s understandable that it was packed last Saturday and Sunday, seeing that it was payday weekend. But I was at Landmark and SM North this afternoon and it’s still almost packed.

Now I don’t feel so foolish that I started my Christmas shopping last May!

Way Behind the Wheel Isn’t this dangerous? The man was seated at the back of a pick-up truck, holding on to ropes for support while making sure the contraption behind him wouldn’t collapse. In EDSA traffic. Under the intense morning heat. Poor guy. A week later, I saw another pick-up with two old ladies in the back! They were inhaling all that EDSA smog while under the terrible heat. When I took a peek at the passenger’s seats, there were two men inside. Poor ladies.

This is really dangerous. First of all, it’s very much unhealthy. Second, a bump here and they could be sent flying from where they’re seated. Isn’t there some kind of rule against this? And if there is one, why isn’t it being strongly enforced? Bah. I forgot how traffic rules depend on the mood of the enforcers and the time of day. Call it cynical, but you can’t deny it’s real. Then again it was also these motorists who chose to be seated in this part of the car. Just another dangerous cycle in Manila traffic yet again.

Christmas and Beauty?

The biggest billboard in town gets with the holiday spirit.

We all scream for… Each of our cities may have its own quirks, but there’s one thing I think that unites us all:

A good serving of ice cream! Yum!

Sharing with you a delicious sundae I had at Iceberg’s Metrowalk.

Sharing the wealth

It’s that time of the year once again when I receive orders from my sister overseas to buy stuff from Manila to send to her in Australia. One of the constant in her list are dried mangoes and pearls from Greenhills.

In all the times I went to Greenhills for pearls, I was never able to have a “suki” because not only do I have a lousy memory, they’re not as memorable as the seller I met earlier. I think I have found my suki.

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