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A Mercantile Establishment Once More

trianglenorthofM Yet another mall across another mall. Manila is a land of malls. The Philippines is, actually. I’m right now in the retail and manufacturing industry. One of initiatives is to look beyond major cities around the country since it’s nearing its saturation point. I was surprised to know that even in the provinces, local mini-malls/department stores are thriving. These are the areas not yet invaded by SM, Ayala and Robinsons. But you guessed it right, these three will all be there in no time.

Anyway, picture on the left side of the post is the ongoing 200,000-square-meter-connecting -to-the-MRT Ayala Mall, their first in Quezon City, opposite SM North, called Trinoma. By the way, The Block which is a part of SM North though a bit upscale compared to their main mall was finished last year to compete with the ‘high end’ projection of Trinoma.

Trinoma – they should think of a better name. I am not sure which is correct, Triangle North of Makati, Triangle North of Manila – I keep on hearing and reading these two. It used to be Ayala North Triangle Mall. Whew! But anyway, all names don’t sound good. From what I know, the area of Trinoma was originally intended to be a parking area for those with private vehicles to encourage them to use the MRT which in effect would help decongest the traffic in major thoroughfares. Well, I believe, the opposite is bound to happen – human traffic and vehicular traffic will be a common scene once this mall is done. But then, I don’t think anyone is complaining. Mall rats. We basically love malls to bits if only to serve as an airconditioned parkway from building to building like what we have in all the malls in Ayala.

Look Ma, No Nails


This house is without nails. We sat on the steps and my daughter climbed up the ‘second floor’ and went inside. It sure can hold a few people.

Cafe by the Ruins

This cafe is probably known to all Manilenos who frequently goes up Baguio City. It is where good food and new and seasoned artists meet. According to what is written on a page in their menu, it was the residence of the former governor of Benguet. The house was badly damaged in 1944 during the American attack on the Japanese army. Well, until now, the flagstones are still visible. I like the place since the ambience is not so artsy fartsy, casual I would say, compact but relaxed. Artworks of different artists are displayed for the customers’ viewing pleasure. Some are for sale if I remember it right. This is where I encountered Ben Cabrera but didn’t have the chance to have a photo op since some photography students literally swarmed the artist and chatted with him non-stop.

CafebytheRuins3.jpg CafebytheRuins2.jpg CafebytheRuins6.jpg

The cafe is located at Chuntug Street, across Baguio City Hall. Drop by the place when you visit Baguio and enjoy their salads, Benguet coffee and herbal teas among other things.

Solas (“Alone”)

Tomorrow at the Instituto Cervantes in Manila, the film “Solas” (“Alone”) will be screened at the Cine en el patio. The 1999 film is about a young girl named Maria who leaves her family – specially her strict father – to embark on her new life in the city. Her dreams of living the life in the city starts to fall apart after having difficulty with her job and her boyfriend leaving her preagnant. The story then proceeds to a classical prodigal daughter.

The movie written and directed by Benito Zambrano, shows at 6PM. Check out Instituto Cervantes for more information.

Donne del cinematografo italiano – Italian Film Festival!

2007 Italian Film Festival – Women in Italian cinema

Italian movies are showing monthly starting this January 24 courtesty of The Cultural Center of the Philippines, The Italian Embassy in Manila and the Philippine-Italian Association. This year’sItalian Film Festival 2007 will be showing the 1950 classic La Ciociara (Two Women) which stars Sophia Loren.

You can call the Philippine-Italian Association secretariat (Lina Lorenzo) at (+63 2) 815 1310 for more information. La Ciociara will be shown at the CCP Dream Theater today at 4pm. Admission is Free.

Kids in a Jeep

Something Sweet

Going around Tiendesitas Food Village, I chanced upon Tita Lynn’s Flavored Suman. Suman is a Filipino delicacy made of sticky rice with coconut milk wrapped tightly in banana leaves (suman sa ibus).


I understand they started the business in the 90’s but I am not really familiar with the brand. But eversince I got a taste of their flavored suman last year, I became one of their loyal customers. They have reinvented this very popular Filipino delicacy. I don’t usually like flavored varieties because they sort of muddle my very simple taste buds but with this one, I had no problem. I particularly like chocolate and ube. But the best is still the original flavor. Its sweetness is just right and there’s no need to dip it in sugar.

And what’s the best partner for suman but kapeng barako (espresso roast) from Batangas that comes with muscovado sugar – an organic brown sugar produced with reduced use of chemical fertilizer. They do sell it there too.

Enjoy your suman and kape!

Psycho moment

I was in one of the cubicles of a women’s restroom when I looked up and saw this:

/insert Psycho musical score here

FREAKY! It was just a red glove coated in white paint but it sure as hell freaked me out.


Lately, we find ourselves heading to Teriyaki Boy for a quick but full and satisfying meal. Well, not quick-quick but so far, they serve faster than most fast-casual dining places. Fast casual is in-between fine dining and fast food. Two distinctions I can site. Service is faster than fine dining but waiter-served. The ambiance is more laid back but more ‘peaceful’ than your normal fast food.

kani-salad.jpg kanihalfconsumed.jpg

My husband and I are both salad lovers. I go for the more mainstream (I don’t really want to call it ‘boring’) – chicken macaroni salad while he is madly in love with kani salad. So far he favors the most the version of Teriyaki Boy. Crunchy cucumber strips and crabmeat topped with japanese mayonnaise and masago. I am not sure how much per serving but around P120 (P48.89 to a dollar as of today, it’s $2.45). It’s a great appetizer!

Dell Rocks!


Dell? That company with sleek desktops and shiny laptops? What do they have to do with rock music? And as an American company, what do they have to do with the local music scene?

Apparently, Dell has long been itching to rock. It’s now adding music to the mix.

As one of the best-known technology brands in the world, Dell is eager to prove that they’re not all caught up in the midst of a cold digital sphere. Dell Philippines is rolling up its sleeves and loosening its tie, and is preparing itself to launch “Dell Rocks” – one of the first big rock music events of the year. Rock on with the rest of Manila this January 25 to 27, 2006 at Central Plaza in Eastwood City, Libis. If I am not mistaken, admission is free. And – not coincidentally – Eastwood City is where Dell’s next site will operate (the first is in Mall of Asia).

The concerts, which the organizers say will coincide with Dell’s contact centre recruitment efforts, feature three of the hottest bands in the local scene today: Up Dharma Down (my personal favourite) on the 25th, Orange and Lemons on the 26th, and Rivermaya on the 27th.

Now I don’t know about the connection in all this, but in much the same manner as Dell probably stands in the Philippine services industry, these musicians, indeed, have what it takes to be number one.

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