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Finally back after some awful problems with my Internet connection at home. It’s so awful I don’t know how to describe it, so I won’t. Meanwhile, and just because summer is about to end, I’ve been spending my fair share of time on video games. Online gaming here in the country seems to be getting bigger and better. It’s getting to be – well, “perfect”, if you will.

Industry leader Level Up! Games recently launched “what could possibly be the culmination of everything that gaming has come to be: the aptly named Perfect World.”

Forget the Sims. Perfect World is the coolest full-feature 3D online game I’ve tried so far. It’s based on the rich Chinese mythology world of Pangu and the generations of gods that paved the way for the creation of civilizations. Anchored with so many creative elements and features that break the ground for the next level of 3D online gaming, Perfect World bestows players to be their own legend and create their own…well, perfect world. Carpal tunnel syndrome notwithstanding.

This new MMORPG is everything you ever wanted. Customized themes. An abundance of special characters and skills. Beautifully rendered battles and territorial wars. Continuous character evolution. Even personalized clothing, a sure delight to all gaming fashionistas. Yes, you can even have your own pets.

Despite all these features rolled into one game, Perfect World will be a free-to-play game when it comes out, available to anyone in the Philippines with a computer that meets the game’s minimum system requirements. All one has to do is download the game from the Internet. The player community can also expect a host of events, parties, tournaments, and other such activities after the game reaches its expectant crowd.

For more information, you may call 751-9611 from 12nn to 8pm daily, or visit


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  1. toni (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 9:45 am

    Is your provider Globe Visibility by any chance?

  2. Migs (unregistered) on May 28th, 2007 @ 10:55 am

    My Internet connection, is it you’re asking? It’s Bayantel. Others say their connections are fine but there always seem to be something wrong with mine.

    Is Globe Visibility a better option? :)

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