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Is that why three’s company?

So three's company?
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We ♥ Sisig! Sisig is one of my favorite Philippine dishes. It is a sauteed and sizzling dish made from pork and various spices. It is a delicious viand and fantastic bar chow. Different restaurants have different styles of preparing this dish — some serve it with mayo, some serve it with egg, some serve it crunchy, some serve it extra-spicy. Sisig has also gone beyond just traditional pork. There is also bangus (milkfish) sisig, tuna sisig, chicken sisig. You can also have sisig rice — plain white rice fried with a small portion of the sisig serving.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about this dish! Without further ado, here are my Top 3 restaurants where I’ve enjoyed sisig immensely. Please feel free to add to the list!

The Closer One of my pet peeves is seeing a store sign labeled “Close” when store hours are done, or when the vendors have gone out for meals. This sign though made me laugh. Perhaps it was the vendor’s rendition of herself, Anime-style. And she did explain where she went (“Pa-CR lang.” loosely means “Just let me go to the restroom.”). It was a moment when forgetting the “d” was forgivable.

Montage closes Click image to enlarge and read details. I got this note from the mail today. This is so sad! I liked that Montage was, well, a montage indeed of goodies like hard-to-find CDs, funky notebooks, games, collectible figures, Lomo stuff. I bought my Lomo Color Splash cam from here and was delighted with their service. Ah well, in case you’re interested perhaps you’d like to drop by Greenbelt 4 and grab what’s left of Montage’s montage.

It’s open!

The much anticipated Trinoma mall in QC is now open! Well, technically it *is* open, but it’s only about 15% filled. The lineup of stores that will be opening is very promising: Debenham’s, Dorothy Perkins, Travel Shop, Krispy Kreme, Bread Talk, Krokodile, Taco Bell.

Among those already open are National bookstore, Powerbooks, Kamiseta, Bayo, Nike, Adidas, Shoe Salon, Vision Express, Dencio’s, Gerry’s Grill, Kamay Kainan, Crustacia, Heaven & eggs, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

The activity center is already done (they already had a mini-concert earlier) and the fountains ourside are amazing.

Photos to be posted later.

Precincts are now closed

Clean up starts

Clean up starts as the precincts are now closed. If you have not voted, you have lost your chance. Now the counting begins.

News updates:
Inquirer – MMDA lifts number coding traffic scheme on Election Day
ABS-CBN News – Over 200 incidents reported


I wonder if Taguig Councilor Candidate Allan Cruz and his supporters understand the meaning of “No campaigning” as the campaign period officially ended 2 days ago.

No Allan Cruz, No!

Pictures from Voting Day – Taguig

The turnout in Taguig seems to be lighter than the Presidential elections 3 years ago. The crowds were’nt as packed as I was expecting.

Light turnout in Taguig 1st District

(More pictures inside)

We ask everyone to vote

The polls are already open all throughout the metro and we here in Metblogs are asking everyone to vote.

Today we invite everyone to exercise their right to vote. Remember, if you don’t vote, you can’t complain about the idiots candidates that win.

Manila Metblogs rocks the ballot this Monday!

Download a PDF Copy of the Unofficial Google Ballot

It’s election time in Manila (and all over the Philippines) as we vote on Monday (which is a holiday by the way).
In order to help you decide who to vote for on Monday, we will be releasing some “fun guides” that can help you fill in those missing slots from your ballot.

First on our list is the Metblogs compiled Unofficial Google Ballot (which is in NO way at all endorsed, accepted, released or generated by Google) of Senatoriables for this year’s elections. What would happen if the election relied on Google’s search results and page ranking? You can even find out if your candidate is Feeling Lucky?

What if indeed, search engine Google can vote in the 2007 Philippine Elections, who would it vote for? To find out, we first ranked each of the 37 senators running for the 2007 elections based on their Google search results. Then we ranked the candidates based on their official web site’s position within the result research.

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