Knocking on your window

I still get confused whenever beggars tap on the car window. To give or not to give?

It breaks my heart to see street kids and handicapped elderly go up and down the street once the red light goes on. Some drivers roll their windows down and drop coins into the street kids’ open hands, while other drivers knock twice on their windows to signal the beggar to move on. It gets even sadder when you see street kids are standing right under the drive-through window of some fastfood restaurants.

Some have said not to give because it encourages them to just beg some more and not find real work. Others have shared that we should leave it to the government to handle the beggars. Some have warned that giving the beggars money would just lead them to spending it on illegal drugs. Others encourage charity.

Sometimes I give. Sometimes I don’t. But always, always, the tapping on the window is very difficult to ignore.

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