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Finally, my sunset

I’ve been wanting to take a picture of the famous Manila Bay sunset for the longest time. last Saturday, I stopped making excuses and made my way to Baywalk.

Manila Bay Sunset

Manila Bay did not disappoint. The clich├ęd saying hold true: the best things in life are free.

The 2007 Milo Marathon, Metro Manila Leg

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The 31st Milo Marathon. July 22. Six o’clock in the morning. Over 12,000 runners. 3, 5, 10, then 42 kilometers of distance to be covered. (An astounding 100 kilometers for The North Face‘s coinciding “Run For Your Life“!) P30,000 at stake for the champion’s purse.

One finish line.

(Photo by Nykko Santos.)

Eating at New Bombay Restaurant

At New Bombay Restaurant New Bombay is a friggin’ good Indian restaurant. It’s been around for ages, but I only got to try it a few weeks ago. The food is authentically Indian, prices are very reasonable and servings just right. And the taste? Faaaantastic.

My friends and I tried the branch at Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village. We knew we wanted curry, masala and not so much spice (as one of our companions was very sensitive to spicy food), but didn’t know what dishes would be best. Our server was very pleasant, helpfully recommended viands and indulged us in our questioning. We ended up ordering Shrimp Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Eggplant Barta, Samosa, Chapati, Naan, and Sweet Lassi all around. That was one of the best lunches ever.

Watching TV with The Simpsons

The Simpsons are waiting for you! I watch TV with The Simpsons

Join The Simpsons on their living room couch and pretend to watch the Itchy and Scratchy show with them!

This couch comes in selected cinemas only, and not all of them allow photo ops. This picture was taken at the PowerPlant Mall in Rockwell.

Manila in the 60’s

Have you ever wondered how Manila looked like in the past? The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee gives us a glimpse of Manila in the 60’s through photos taken by photographer Harrison Forman.

The pictures are amazing. One look and you know it’s Manila, but at the same time, you’d have doubts whether it really IS Manila. As Carlos Celdran said, “It totally completes the illusion that this is a scene somewhere in the United States of America instead of the Philippine archipelago. Only thing lacking in this photograph are real Americans.”

The complete collection is available for viewing at the UWM Libraries Digital Collection [link]

Bright Leaf


I got this in the mail today. To all writers, journalists, photographers, and filmmakers…well, you just might be as interested as I am, considering we have about 7,107 islands to scour for relevant reportage.

This is about the Bright Leaf Awards being organized by Philip Morris.

Just for trivia purposes, “Bright Leaf” is a term used to refer to Virginia tobacco, a key ingredient used in the cigarettes we smoke (and no matter how many times we try to quit).

Here’s more on the Bright Leaf Awards…and I quote—

The Poisonous White Rabbit

As it turns out, one of my favorite candies from childhood was announced to have a poisonous substance — formaldehyde. The candy? White Rabbit Cream Candy.

I haven’t eaten White Rabbit Cream Candy in ages, but the news made me sad. Do you remember eagerly chewing on this creamy candy? And more than that, do you remember feasting on the edible paper that was wrapped around the candy? Ah lovely. That edible paper was my favorite part too.

Fortunately, the brown candy of White Rabbit (Butter Toffee) does not have formaldehyde. Unfortunately, I think more people preferred the chewy white one. The apparently poisonous one. Oh well.

So on your next trip to your neighborhood sari-sari store, steer cleer of the chewy White Rabbit cream candy. If you want to go down memory lane, maybe you can stick with Peter Butterball or that cola candy that came in violet wrapping.


At the Nestle Creamery

Late lunch at the Nestle Creamery (the old Magnolia House)My hubby and I found ourselves near the former Magnolia House last weekend. Feeling sentimental, we made our way towards the ice cream house which is now called The Nestle Creamery.

I remember sitting in huge dark green seats as a kid. I remember ordering strawberry ice cream, and that the scoops would be decorated like a clown! The cone would be the clown hat, candies would make up its eyes and mouth.

Someone’s exhausted…
Spotted along EDSA.

Men at Work

04202007%28001%29.jpg 04202007.jpg
Now you see them, now you don’t. When will they ever finish cleaning, repainting our EDSA? Or will it ever get done in the first place? They are usually seen at the busiest streets at the busiest time of the day. This is another cause for the rush hour traffic. And sometimes, going through Ayala Tunnel, there aren’t any warning signs that there’s work in progress. That’s dangerous for them and the motorists. I commend the efforts of making our city clean but I just hope there’s a better way of implementing this.

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