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“Strumming my pain with his fingers…”
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Spotted at Market! Market!

Someone’s in the mood for Halloween!


A Feature: We Don’t Change


(co-authored by sportswriter Kirby Garlitos, in lieu of Oktoberfest)


Change pervades the world of the Filipino, and it has become, so to speak, a norm of life. It dictates the lives of our people. As such, Filipinos have been – for a lack of a better term – forced to go with it or be left behind. Eat or be eaten. Hunt or be hunted.

Such kind of life has, in turn, spawned an attitude of ‘what-you-can-do-I-can-do-better’, and conceived a behavioral exercise which may best be described as one-upsmanship. Indeed, Filipinos have always aspired to be at the head of the game.

But fads come and go, fashions roll through and past, and today’s trends will eventually dissipate into yesterday. Very few transcend the realm of vogue and, in the minds and hearts of Filipinos, even fewer enter the rare air of tradition.

At first glance, basketball and beer seem to have little connection. Maybe none at all. The first is a sport involving the fundamentally physical activity of putting inflated orange balls in a hoop despite a host of defenders. The other is an alcoholic beverage best enjoyed chilled, with a group of friends, in pursuit of relaxation. The disparity may seem obvious, but in confronting this seemingly stark contradiction, one will realize that basketball and beer are uniquely intertwined.

Makati rocked by blasts – 8 dead, over 70 injured

Just a quick update on the blast that rocked the Metro this afternoon. The blast is confirmed to be a bomb blast and the atrium of Glorietta 2 is completely destroyed. The area was cordoned off and traffic has hit both North and South of the metro due to checkpoints.

According to and ABS-CBN News, 8 people are confirmed dead and over 100 injured. Most of the injuries were brought to either Ospital ng Makati and Makati Medical Center.

Stay safe everyone.

Comforting Oody’s

I’ve long been searching for a really spicy but still flavorful Tom Yum here in Manila, one that tastes similar to the one I fell in love with in Bangkok. When I went to Oody’s Express in Market Market and saw they they had Tom Yum, I ordered it right away. verdict? Mmmmmm, delicious! I loved it! It was very spicy, just the way I liked it, but it didn’t lose out on the flavor the lemon grass, shrimp, tomatoes — how does “malinamnam” translate to English anyway? That’s how I’d describe that bowl of soup. Spicy hot but still “malinamnam.”

We also ordered catfish salad, kangkong, noodles with clear soup and Mu Yang (Pork BBQ rice meal). They were all very delicious. My soup and my husband’s Mu Yang was served with free Iced Coffee which we both savored. Yummy! See our meal in pictures below.



I was going to my office building one morning when I noticed a group of people milling around near the building’s entrance. I got curious what could it be that they were so all agog about. So there’s a man selling taho (soy bean curd) to everyone’s delight.

mocha motion and choco surprise Taho vendors are everywhere. They go around different neighborhoods, in school vicinities. You can even spot them in major highways, some even ride public utility vehicles with their huge taho buckets in tow. They have this distinct tone of voice letting people know they have arrived, “taho! taho!”. Can you miss that? And now I see them in central business districts. Taho had been reinvented by selling them in different flavors in specialty restaurants. The flavor is not anymore confined to plain soy bean. There are tahos that come in capuccino, chocolate and even strawberry flavors.

Have a cup when you encounter your friendly neighborhood taho vendor.

something exciting is coming up!


Ortigas wins Fitness First Body combat Marathon

Congratulations to Team Ortigas for winning the Fitness First Body combat Marathon last night at NBC Tent in Fort. Kudos too to my home gym (whee!) Team Eastwood for taking Overall Team Best Costume. More photos on Flickr!


What’s Your Flavor?


The makers of BAILEYS® Irish Cream, the world’s original cream liqueur, made history again today with the introduction of Baileys® with a hint of Mint Chocolate and Baileys® with a hint of Crème Caramel. Their launch brings a playful twist to what is already a world best-seller and offers consumers the experience of something different.

Baileys® Irish Cream is a unique blend of quality ingredients – fresh Irish dairy cream, finest spirits, triple distilled Irish whiskey and chocolate flavors – combined in perfectly balanced proportions. It is an award winning taste that has been enjoyed by millions of consumers in over 150 markets around the world for the past 33 years. It is the same award-winning recipe that is now used to make Baileys® with a hint of Mint Chocolate and Baileys® with a hint of Crème Caramel. The key difference is the subtle addition of natural flavors to perfectly complement that same great taste giving peppermint with dark chocolate notes in one and a creamy caramel overtone in the other.

Few people actually know that there is scientific justification to the correlation between our personalities and preferences of flavours…

Airbus A380 arriving in Manila

Yup, you read that right! The world’s largest commercial super jumbo jet is landing in our very own NAIA next week, October 11 around 2:45 in the afternoon.

The Daily Tribune has the details:

Local aircraft enthusiasts will have a closer look at the super jumbo jet which is scheduled to arrive at 2:45 p.m. and land at the NAIA’s longest runway, the 3,700-meter long 06/24 runway.

The giant aircraft, which requires only 1,500 meters of landing space, will line up for its final approach in the vicinity of Antipolo flying toward the South Luzon Expressway.

The aircraft can be clearly seen at The Fort in Taguig City but can be best viewed at the east-west service roads of the South Luzon Expressway near the gates of Villamor Airbase and Merville Subdivision.

Upon loading, the double-deck aircraft will taxi toward NAIA’s remote parking area where officials from the Airbus 380 Industries as well as Manila International Airport Authority officials, to be led by MIAA general manager Alfonso Cusi and other airline companies, will be waiting for a tour of the aircraft’s interiors.

The state-of-the-art aircraft will dock at an exiting gate of the NAIA to check if the A380 Airbus can utilize the existing movable bridges of the terminal.

Source: The Daily Tribune

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