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Home Sweet Legend


Just as 2007 turned 2008, we’re now tearing off the first month in our calendars and looking at February: to the romantic, the month of love.

Pardon me if this sounds like an advertisement, which it isn’t, but do look into the treats and packages of The Legend Villas in Mandaluyong as you consider your options for going out with family, friends, or special someone. How ironic to be escaping from the city by going to the heart of it, you say. I say ironic and worth your while. I’ve been to that hotel only once, briefly last year, but I single it out now if only because their extraordinary service is quite unlike the kind most people have gotten used to in this age of rude attendants and careless discourtesy. It’s my way of being patriotic, I guess.

The Outback at Swagman; Carmelino’s


I don’t know how I ended up eating in two unassuming restaurants last week, but I’m very glad anyway that I did.

The Outback CafĂ© in DOT-accredited Swagman RPL Hotel Manila should be one of the best and most authentic Australian cuisine specialty restaurants in town. It’s not first-class at all. Located on A. Flores Street at Ermita, the place feels rather like a pub in a foreign country. Very cozy. Subtle lighting. Great location. When I went there, I saw a nice little poster of Steve Irwin (who must be a hero in his country), a huge crocodile replica beside the versatile bar, two big-screen TVs playing The Australian Open, and a two-member band playing the requests of a thick, expat-filled crowd. There’s also free Wi-Fi Internet access for those who have to send E-mails while knifing away at the fabulous steaks.

Manila stripped bare

Manila, stripped to it’s essence, is not about glitzy Makati or the decked bars of Malate and Fort, it’s all about its poeple.

Photo By Reinar, found on Manila Metblog Pool in Flickr

Too much crocs at the congre…the zoo

It appears that there are too much crocs at Manila Zoo (about 40 or so crocs) and Manila Mayor Lim wants to exchange 20 of the crocodiles for other animals. Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn is among those who are willing to exchange the animals. Now if they can only do the same for congress? – Manila Zoo problem: Too many crocodiles

Manila, in Theroux’s Kowloon Tong

theroux%24paul.gif Image from High Browse Online.

Have you read any Paul Theroux? One of the American writer’s more recent novels is Kowloon Tong, a story about a forty-something Brit who has lived all his life in Hong Kong, and whose escapades include being “entertained” in dark clubs by a Filipina from Manila named Baby.

Following is a passage from the novel, chosen for its description of Manila:

Kani Cheesesticks at Windows Cafe

Kani Cheesesticks

Mmmm, these Kani Cheesesticks from Windows Cafe are delicious! Each order has 6 pieces of these babies, and man, they aren’t enough for two. They serve this dish with a wasabi mayo dip. The spice complements the sweet tastiness of each kani cheesestick perfectly.

Kani and Cheese winner!

When you bite into each stick, you’ll see there’s an equal proportion of crabstick and cheese. Good thing they didn’t scrimp on either! It’s good on its own, but with the wasabi mayo, it’s even better.

We tried the Windows Cafe at Robinson’s Galleria. I’ll go back there just for this appetizer!

Live by the rules or…


Happy new year!

Spotted at Market! Market! :D

Happy New Year from Manila Metblogs!

Here’s the first Rainbow over the metro bringing in a slightly wet New Year’s day 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

First Rainbow of 2008

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