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Someone’s exhausted…
Spotted along EDSA.

Take me to a happy place

I was stuck in traffic, my temper slowly rising when a colorful jeepney stopped right by our car. I looked out my window and was welcomed with this view. Jeepney art! I guess the jeepney was somehow reminding me to take it easy by transporting me to the beach.


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(All photos, including those below, by Nykko Santos, who has put up his new online photo journal.)


The middle of last week was highlighted by a day-long immersion trip at the municipality of Angono in the city of Rizal, the so-called art capital of the Philippines, where scattered were a motley assortment of unheralded visual artistry and heritage sites. We drove to the modish Thunderbird Resorts for a photo shoot, but were more taken by the hotel’s convenient proximity to what no one stuck in Manila might ever discover: a breathtaking view of the lake, beside which were quiet -almost mute- fishing villages; the Petroglyphs Site Museum, where in 1965, National Artist Carlos “Botong” Fransisco stumbled upon a cave with Neolithic (3000 BC) engravings and which is now considered by UNESCO as one of the most endangered sites in the world (very Indiana Jones, archaeologically speaking); and imaginative figure painter Nemesio Miranda’s folkloric Arthouse. Touring the artist’s atelier and visual gallery, we learned that the place was also a venue for workshops, competitions, and exhibits – legitimizing its moniker as the town’s “School for the Arts”. We dined in the evening at the Nemiranda Art CafĂ© Grill & Restaurant. And I had a beer to sedate the dilettante in me, to ward off any manifestations of disproportionate impulsive excitement. That night I wasn’t able to sleep.

Before the weekend, I struck a brief yet very agreeable E-mail correspondence with Manila’s ultimate cicerone, Carlos Celdran. I asked him where I could find the “best little boutique bookseller” in Manila -the La Solidaridad, that is- because I was planning on spending the whole of Saturday acquiring a few good titles I was never able to unearth in any Powerbooks branch or ‘leading bookstore’. He gladly gave me the directions.

The Shrinking Bean

Seems like the frame was too small for the poster and Mr. Bean had to pay for it. Awww, poor guy. He’s literally half the man he used to be.

Uh-oh! Maybe he was absent when the teacher was giving a lesson on plural nouns? Well at least he got the fruits part right. :)

Hot dog! Dog on a hot tin roof! Whoops, I could’ve taken a better photo, I know. But the car was moving fast and it was too funny not to share. That’s my excuse. Anyway, it seems like this dog is not bothered at all by the terrible Manila heat. I sure know I wouldn’t be able to stand even being on that roof for a second.

Is that why three’s company?

So three's company?
Click image to enlarge.

The Closer One of my pet peeves is seeing a store sign labeled “Close” when store hours are done, or when the vendors have gone out for meals. This sign though made me laugh. Perhaps it was the vendor’s rendition of herself, Anime-style. And she did explain where she went (“Pa-CR lang.” loosely means “Just let me go to the restroom.”). It was a moment when forgetting the “d” was forgivable.

For flyaway hair?

Spotted in Greenhills.

Something Retro

Going around Shangrila mall, my daughter and I chanced upon this cute little dining place at the 6th floor, Cocorama. It’s very attractive with its 70s theme (though the colors are like the 80s). A red van, a combi, serves as a kitchen counter and a 3d mural covering the wall of the kitchen. Vinyl long playing records serve as wall decors. I have to explain to my eight year old daughter that DVDs evolved from these round with hole in the middle black things . There’s also a rotating disco mirror ball hanging in the dining area. Their specialty is pancake but I like the angus beef cooked Pinoy style. The pancake my daughter ordered is cute though – Jackson 5 – five chocolate pancakes with chocolate syrup and cream on top.


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