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May You Rest in Peace, Cory Aquino

The Philippines once had a peaceful revolution called People Power, led by Cory Aquino. She was the wife of the late Sen. Benigno Aquino, one of our country’s heroes. After the People Power revolution, she became president and the rest was history.

I was in grade school when she was president so I have to admit that I won’t remember anything much about her term except what everyone else has told me, and what I’ve read. There were people who didn’t quite agree with how she handled the affairs of the state. But I best remember her as the woman who had this quiet strength about her, a woman who had so much faith a woman who became a mother to the nation. For those of you who want to remember her, Pinoy Fear Factor has a blog post as a tribute to her: Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s life in photos.

Now that she has passed away due to colon cancer, I hope that she is already at peace with the God she believes in. And I also hope that whatever we learned from her will live in our hearts and be reflected in our actions as Filipinos who, as her husband said, are worth dying for.

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