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Jollibee and friends make TV debut on GMA7

This summer school break, children can start enjoying the company of Jollibee and friends not just in their favorite fast-food stores, but on television, too. The brand that gave Filipino children the Jollibee Kids Meal, Jollibee Kiddie Party, Jollibee Kids Club and MaAga ang Pasko sa Jollibee, as well as their favorite spaghetti, fried chicken, sandwiches and desserts brings forth another innovation they will surely love— Jollitown, the new kids’ show on GMA7 featuring the fun and insightful adventures of Jollibee, Yum, Hetty, Popo and Twirlie. Each week, the five friends interact with the children who live with them in Jollitown through stories and music that those watching at home can also sing and dance to.

Jollibee and friends

At the recent launch of the new TV program, top entertainment scribes and guests were allowed to enter this magical world as Jollitown was temporarily transported to Rockwell Tent. A place of rainbows, dessert- and toy-shaped clouds, and magical fountains, Jollitown is a place where the happiness of children reigns. The atmosphere rivals that of famous foreign children’s shows and provides an enjoyable setting for kids to freely frolic and learn. The first TV program in the country that’s produced by a major food chain, Jollitown merges the company’s Filipino family-oriented values with the network’s kid-friendly programming, assuring parents of a wholesome viewing experience that can be enjoyed by children of all ages.

The bright, bubbly and educational TV treat stays in tune with Jollibee’s mission of spreading happiness and promoting friendships and positive thinking. With every weekly installment, audiences will get to know the real characters of Jollibee and his friends and find inspiration in how they make the most of their unique personalities.

Yum is the imaginative young science expert who loves solving puzzles and mysteries through experiments and high-tech gadgetry. Cheerleader Hetty is the group’s big sister and is looked up to for her sweet, nurturing ways, neatness and self-discipline. The funniest and most athletic of the bunch, Popo loves sports but never neglects his studies and thus always gets good grades. Twirlie, the star performer who loves to sing and dance, is ever curious and inquisitive. And as everyone’s best friend is Jollibee, always good-natured, smiling and playful, he is a natural leader who sets an example for his friends with his courteous, helpful and kind ways.

The launch of Jollitown is yet another highlight of Jollibee’s 30th anniversary celebration this year. As the leading fast-food chain marks three decades of serving langhap-sarap experiences, Filipinos can expect more special activities, promotions and corporate social responsibility programs to promote the brand’s vision, values and increasing global stature, as well as reward the consumers who have helped make it all possible. As the latest offering for its younger but loyal patrons, Jollitown is an exciting and engaging highlight of the company’s 30th year commemoration. Sunday mornings’ new jolly habit starts this April 13, 9:30 to 10:00 am on GMA7.

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