Ms. Let-me-totally-ruin-your-day

Unpleasant security guards can really ruin my day. I mean, since they are security guards, they’re right there at the front gate, the first people you will meet. They can piss you off before you get anything else done. And I noticed that more often than not, male guards are much nicer than their female counterpart.

So I was dropped off at the University of Asia and the Pacific yesterday for my exam. The appointment that I had was for 1pm. I arrived about 15 minutes early (hardly the occassion to be fashionably late) and this is what happened:

I took out an ID to be exchanged for a guest pass and started to hand it over to the guard. I glanced at the woman and did a double take. She had her face contorted as though she was standing on a pile of something that absolutely reeks. Must be an extremely putrid smell. I didn’t smell anything though.

Anyway, I handed it over and she looked at me. No words. Just “The Look”.

Me (quite startled):
“Er, good afternoon. I need to go to Admissions.”
Her (just glanced, not even looked at me):
Ha? Admission? Wan o klak pa. Maghintay ka na muna diyan. Ay duun sa mga upuan.” She then pursed her black rimmed lips to point to the building to her right.
Me (after screwing my eyes to try and see the invisible seats):
“Yes I was told to come at one o’clock but I’d like to go there now because I still have some oth..”
Her (cuts me off, raising her voice, made people stare.):
Kaya ngaaaaa. Maghintay ka muna duun. Kasi nga wanoklak pa.

So I gave her a withering look and walked away. Got my phone out to have the car pick me up again and waited in there until exactly 1pm to go back.

I mean, she could have told me what she needed to tell me with a little more decency and politeness, couldn’t she?

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  1. Chris (unregistered) on June 1st, 2005 @ 11:01 am


    You could ruin her day back and tell her that the reason she’s just a security guard is just that … her attitude.

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