Responsible Voting

The May Elections are drawing near.

Soon our streets will be littered with posters, flyers, cards and other campaign materials. Prime time shows will have campaign ads in place of product advertisements. And there will be mall tours around the country ala concerts, as if big stars will be doing shows. Oh wait, there will be actors/ actresses/ people from the entertainment industry in the campaign shows. Either they will be the ones endorsing or actually running for office.

The Elections seem more of an entertainment event than a political one– but the politics is still there. Definitely. The army and police will be on high alert and there will be tension. The pressure will be with the registered voters. Even if they are unsure their votes will be taken into consideration.

To the voters, I post here something I learned this morning. The 10 Commandments for Responsible Voting from the Parish Pastoral Council. It may be already 3 years old already, but it still holds true — or should I say, needs to be complied with. Sure they look easy, but with the political tension in our country today… it’s harder realistically.

10 Commandments for Responsible Voting
from the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting

1. Thou shalt vote according to the dictate of your conscience.

2. Thou shalt respect the decision of others in choosing their candidates.

3. Thou shalt seek to know the moral integrity, capabilities and other personal qualities of the candidates you will vote for.

4. Thou shalt strive to understand the issues, platform and programs of candidates and parties seeking your vote.

5. Thou shalt not sell your vote.

6. Thou shalt not vote for candidates using guns, goons and gold.

7. Thou shalt not vote for candidates with records of graft and corruption.

8. Thou shalt not vote for candidates just because of “utang na loob” (debt of gratitude) , popularity, or pakikisama (camaraderie).

9. Thou shalt not vote for candidates living an immoral life.

10. Thou shalt put the welfare of the country above all else in choosing the candidate you will vote for.

The path has been shown. It is up to you to walk the path. Are you voting or not? If you’re voting, who will you vote?

The 10 Commandments are from here c/o

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  1. Peter (unregistered) on January 22nd, 2007 @ 9:44 am

    Every election year, I always have high hopes that finally, the Filipino has learned. I guess this election is going to be another chance to prove ourselves.

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