Let’s do the hula at The Polu Kai Grill!

http://manila.metblogs.com/archives/images/2007/09/polu%20kai-thumb.JPG My family and I were looking for a no-fuss eating place when we got to Serendra yesterday. We weren’t in the mood for formality — we just wanted to enjoy being together and be able to laugh heartily over a spread of good food. When we spotted The Polu Kai Grill, we knew it would be the perfect place for our family lunch.

It’s a Hawaiian-themed restaurant, so don’t be surprised when you’re greeted with Aloha’s and huge tiki figures here and there. Our sights set on an aquarium in the middle of the room which kids were gravitating to — there were little happy shouts of “Dory!” and “Nemo!” as they pointed at the fish. We were led to the center of the restaurant. I have to admit I was a bit surprised that it didn’t look as roomy as I expected it to be. But that wasn’t a problem. From the doorway, the tables look cramped. But when seated, there was enough leg room and enough space to push your chair out of the table without having to knock over a neighboring diner. Good layout!

The food was very interesting; I’ve never really had Hawaiian food. Upon hearing the waiter’s recommendations, we had the following:

Seafood Chowder – Yum! It was deliciously creamy and flavorful. It definitely tasted like seafood chowder and not just any regular chowder. There were pieces of shrimp in it too.
Spicy Garlicky Shrimp– Sauteed shrimp in chili garlic sauce – sarap! My Mom exclaimed upon eating it, saying it was very spicy. I think the kick of the spice was just right. Enough to get your tastebuds excited!
Baked Gratin Oysters – This was okay. It didn’t really stand out as much as the other dishes did. But if you’re in the mood for some oysters while you’re there, this isn’t a bad dish to order.
Aku Poki – Think tuna sashimi chunks with soy sauce, shredded lettuce and crispy noodles (or crackers… sorry I didn’t know what it was! But it tasted good!). This was so yummy! My favorite Polu Kai order.
Fish and Chips – The fish was coated in beer batter and crumbled deliciously in our mouths. The fish tasted fresh and full, not overpowered at all by its batter. My little cousin feasted on the crisp potato wedges too.
Nuri Topedo Fural Shrimp – Breaded Shrimp with Thousand Island Dressing. It was a tad too oily for me but it was still very flavorful. I just wished they’d served it with a more Hawaii-ny dressing.
BBQ Pork Pulled Sandwich – Roasted pork with barbecue sauce, served with macaroni salad on the side. This dish took forever to arrive. In fact, it was the last one to arrive. I didn’t understand why it took them so long to get this order out — over 30 minutes. No explanation was given either why it was late. I guess this order just got buried under others. Hay. Good thing the sandwich was scrumptious – the sauce had a kick to it, and they didn’t scrimp on the pulled pork. Quite filling! I’ll talk more about the service later.
Pineapple Fried Rice – This was divine! The rice had a hint of sweetness, thanks to the pineapple juices and chunks, but the sweetness wasn’t overwhelming. It was delicious fried rice Hawaiian style!
Spam Musubi – We ordered this because our server explained it so well. But after a bit of waiting, we were informed it wasn’t available. Oh well.

Overall, we were very happy with the food! Sulit! In fact, I kept reading the menu over and over so I know what to order next time I come back. :D

Now the service. In spite of the Sandwich Slowdown, I liked the service of Polu Kai. The staff was very friendly, alert and always smiling. When asked for recommendations, they would gladly take us through the menu and point out their bestsellers, the dishes that will give us an authentic Hawaiian food trip.

I just have three questions. What does “Polu Kai” mean? :D Can we be given leis next time for a more Hawaiian feel? :D But even without knowing its meaning or wearing any leis, will we be coming back to Polu Kai? I have an answer to that last one — you bet!

A hui hou! (That’s supposed to mean “See you again.”)

The Polu Kai Grill
G/F Shops, Serendra, Bonifacio Global City
Taguig City, Metro Manila

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  1. chick (unregistered) on September 9th, 2007 @ 9:34 pm

    loved their fish & chips too.. the potato wedges were yummy and addicting!

  2. jeff (unregistered) on September 10th, 2007 @ 10:43 pm

    they say the ribs are ok too.. havent tried this resto yet thouth.. do they have a function room?

  3. jeff (unregistered) on September 10th, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

    is there a function room?

  4. ryan (unregistered) on September 24th, 2007 @ 8:39 pm


    polu kai means “blue ocean” in hawaiian

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