“Lalake sa Parola”


I watched this movie just 30 minutes ago. I can’t help it but blog about it. The movie is really good. Good for its genre. I’ve seen a lot of gay oriented indie films lately, such as Moreno, Bath House, Bilog, etc. but “Lalake sa Parola” stands out. It’s a simple story of finding one’s true self. It’s a homo-erotic journey and folklore rolled into one. It may not have the best actors, best cinematography, best story and/or best director but the film can stand on its own. The movie is like some women, you look into their individual features such as their noses, eyes, hair, etc; individually, the features are not nice but when you look at them, they still look pretty. That is like the movie, it’s simple yet pretty.

Kudos to VIVA for gambling on this one. I hope that there would be more outfits that would support films with the same genre.

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