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How can a Senator not know the concept of Due Process?

Now that the stand off is over (yay!) we made a quicklist of learning lessons from today’s experience with…
Ten questions to ask oneself about today’s Makati Standoff
10. Can you call for a mutiny while being charged for calling a mutiny?
9. Why does religion keep dipping its grubby little hand in politics?
8. What is Trillanes’ beef with hotels?
7. …and why can’t he storm say Embassy or Alchemy? (Was he not in the guest list?)
6. Was he bored while court was in session?
5. Is it newsworthy to say “Binabato kami ng teargas, naiiyak ako!” while being lobbed with teargas?
4. Did Trillanes order room service?
3. Will there be a part three? …and will he sell it as a 3-part movie series to Carlo J. Caparas?
2. When the tank entered Manila Pen’s Lobby, did security have to inspect its trunk?
1. How can a senator not know the concept of Due Process?

Manila’s 1st gift to the world: People Power!

Manila's 1st gift to the world

On August 21, 1983, after his plane touched down at then “Manila International Airport”, Benigno Aquino Jr. was assassinated on the airport’s tarmac. His assassination ultimately started the turn of events leading to the EDSA revolution on February 25, 1986 where after almost two-decades of authoritarian rule, Ferdinad Marcos was forced to resign his post with almost no bloodshed.

Almost two million people camped in EDSA protecting then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Armed Forces Vice Chief of Staff Fidel Ramos who were holed out in Camp Crame and Camp Aguinaldo. It took less than 4 days but eventually, the people won.

Manila’s 4th Gift to the World: Street Food

Manila's 4th gift to the worldWe may be poor but we never go hungry. The streets of Manila is filled with vendors selling all kinds of street food: a wide variety of meats and eggs; nuts, chips and pork rind; there’s even different kinds of fruits!

If you want something grilled, there’s the common barbecue (both chicken and pork), then there’s out of the ordinary: pig’s blood (betamax), chicken heads (helmet), chicken feet (adidas) and of course the infamous chicken or pig intestines (isaw).

Manila’s 5th Gift to the World: Our Voice

Manila's 5th gift to the worldManila’s “voice” is in reference not to the Manilenyo’s incredible talent for singing, not in this post at least. Instead let’s consider what the world has been given by our people: the rapidly growing industry of call centers.

As I had rationalized to fellow MBM authors, the call center may be, to us, a double-edged sword. Many people disapprove of the trend because night shifts are harmful to the health, because employees don’t do anything but answer phone calls, because there can’t possibly be any dynamic career growth, and so on. But there’s no denying how reassuringly our voice has served the rest of the world. There’s no doubt as to what our workforce has meant to countries outsourcing their business processes here.

Manila’s 7th gift to the world: Jose Rizal

Manila's 7th gift to the world The first of this series of 7 gifts is our National Hero. Jose Rizal was born in Laguna, studied in Manila – Ateneo de manila and UST and from there lived his life as a hero to this country. Rizal may have traveled extensively in Europe, America and through Asia but he called one place home. His work inspired the country to revolt against the Spanish and everything from there is history. Statues commemorating Rizal is at every city hall throughout the country and there’s even one in Germany which is a testament to his bravery and dedication to our country.

Rizal is a product of many cultures, education from here and around the world but when he gave up his life by being shot at Bagumbayan in Manila, Rizal became a hero for us all. This is why as our first gift to the world, we give to you our national hero, Jose Rizal.

Scariest Manilenos: MMDA Traffic Enforcers

9. MMDA Traffic Enforcers
Last Known Location: EDSA, C5 and other major metro thoroughfares

No. 9 - MMDA Traffic Enforcers Nobody wants to be stopped by MMDA Traffic Enforcers: public or private vehicles will try to weasel their way out of that ticket almost 100% of the time. Bribery and corruption sadly is a fact of life here in the Metro as much as rules are but mere suggestions.

Case in point, Swerving, the vague and non existent violation (this is not a real traffic violation, check out the MMDA website’s list of violations and compare it to the LTO website’s list of violations) that is often used to milk motorists who simply changed lanes.

Scariest Manilenos: Dennis Roldan

10. Dennis Roldan
Actor, Former Quezon City Representative
Last Known Location: Pasig City Jail
No. 10 - Dennis Roldan
One of the scariest things about the Metro is kidnap for ransom groups and one of the more infamous kidnap for ransom leaders is Dennis Roland, currently being charged for masterminding the kidnapping of a 3 year old Chinese-Filipino boy last year. He is currently out on bail and was set to return to trial last August 8 at the Pasig City Regional Trial Court. He was arrested February 2005 and was put on trial 6 months later.

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