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Ozine Fest 2008

Anime enthusiasts gathered in SM Megamall’s Megatrade Hall for O-zine Fest 2008 last weekend. I only went there on Saturday but there were a lot of people. It was a very colorful event, so to speak. And it was amusing to see twins of cosplays. For example, there were two guys cosplaying as Naruto and they were posing for a photo-op. There were also two Haruhis from the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I also saw someone cosplay Card Captor Sakura, with a small Kero-chan on her shoulder! See the evidence:

Card Captor Sakura & Kero-chan

There were other activities for those who were interested in games like fish-scooping, drawing, eating contests (Whoopee!) and there was something similar to sumo wrestling but the participants had to be in poring costumes, which was quite amusing to watch.


It’s really fun watching people who are having lots of fun with friends and fellow fans! I just wish that there’d be a better layout so that the merchandise area wouldn’t be as congested as it was during the day my friends and I went there.

Manila Bay, Again

Who can get enough of Manila Bay? I took a photo one recent summer afternoon.


Complaint will not be entertained

Spotted at the Quezon City post office:

It's your loss, not ours

To our postal patron
Please count your change before leaving the counter
Otherwise complaint will not be entertained
Thank you

Ang taray!

To be fair, I’ve forgotten to get my change on more than one occasion and the lady behind the counter would always call me back.

Pikachu Lovin’ in Manila

Cutest helmet ever!

Check out the lady’s cute bicycle helmet! That’s a good way to keep your noggin safe and cute!

Spotted along Boni Ave., Manila.

Manila stripped bare

Manila, stripped to it’s essence, is not about glitzy Makati or the decked bars of Malate and Fort, it’s all about its poeple.

Photo By Reinar, found on Manila Metblog Pool in Flickr

Live by the rules or…


Happy new year!

Spotted at Market! Market! :D

Happy New Year from Manila Metblogs!

Here’s the first Rainbow over the metro bringing in a slightly wet New Year’s day 2008. Happy New Year everyone!

First Rainbow of 2008

Pilipinas Street Plan

Have you seen this?

Count the eensy weensy spiders!
Click to enlarge.

Sorry the pic isn’t that good, but I had to share this. Every time I pass by this store, it makes me smile! Their wall display has lots of baby Spiderman stuffed toys with suction cups. Cute!

Sad Little One

This has got to be the saddest Stitch I’ve ever seen. Spotted at a toy store in Shoppesville, Greenhills.

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